The Sanctuary on Richmond
147 Richmond Road,
Grey Lynn Auckland, 1021

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Energy Balancing Therapy in Auckland

If you are looking for an Energy Balancing in Auckland, The Sanctuary on Richmond can provide you with a profound treatment that will heal your body, mind, and soul. Working on a metaphysical spiritual level, energy balancing promotes healing for individuals suffering from a range of issues and complaints. Natalia Suvalko, who is the owner and main practitioner at The Sanctuary on Richmond is not only trained in massage she uses her spiritual gifts to work on a holistic level with people to balance them mentally, emotionally, and physically. She creates change, removes energetic blocks, and connects to spirit through her healing abilities. For people who are suffering from pain on many different levels as well as needing help and guidance, energy balancing is a wonderful modality to try; (if you are open to receiving the healing). Weather you are needing a deep meditative relax, carrying emotional baggage, are wanting to connect spiritually Natalia can help you feel at peace, and aims to heal you on a level of body, mind and soul. Your first Energy Balancing session is usually a total of 90 minutes (which involves a brief discussion) and then 60 minutes or 45 minute treatments can be implemented.

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